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Title and Legal Indemnity Insurance

Buying a property is one of the most significant transactions a person will make in their lifetime. It’s critical to protect buyers and mortgage lenders from financial loss. Such losses can often arise due to unforeseen issues with a property’s title or complications that cannot be resolved during the conveyancing process.


Defects in title and missing documentation are just two potentially significant complications that a title or legal indemnity policy will protect you against.

Why Choose On Point Data for Your Title & Legal Indemnity Insurance?

✓  A full range of insurance products to help you protect your clients and lenders if things go wrong

✓  Instant competitive premiums and coverage when ordering online

✓  Our variable statement of facts allows a greater conversion to cover without reference to an underwriter

✓  A quick and hassle-free referral process for non-standard policies when required

✓  Draft policies at the touch of a button


✓  Access to all quotes, referrals and orders in one location


Why is Conveyancing Insurance Necessary?

Navigating the conveyancing process can sometimes feel like moving through a minefield. You and your seller must have complete peace of mind that cover is in place should the buyer raise a claim against an unforeseen property issue. Sometimes it’s impossible to resolve every legal issue during the conveyancing process.


Title and legal indemnity insurance protects all parties affected by such legal defects and facilitates smoother transactions for you, the Conveyancer.

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