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At On Point Data, we understand that due diligence around property transactions can be one of the biggest challenges for Conveyancers.


We partner with subject matter experts and best-in-class product suppliers to help protect both your firm’s reputation and bottom line

Your Due Diligence

The Conveyancing Industry has long attracted the attention of fraudsters seeking to manipulate the property sector’s complexities for criminal gain.


Every year the industry loses millions of pounds to fraud and money laundering. As a result, law firms are regulated and governed by so many different bodies that it’s almost impossible to keep track of the ever-changing compliance landscape. Which is where we come in. 

Our offering is constantly evolving to keep pace with regulations and includes the following:


✓  Anti Money Laundering Checks

(Domestic and International)

✓  ID Verification


✓  Source of Funds & Source of Wealth Checks


✓  Law Firm Identity Checking and Verification

✓  Company Searches

✓  Insolvency Reports

Why Trust On Point Data with Your
Due Diligence?

 Compliance can be stressful and confusing. Our human approach takes these factors into account and caters for them accordingly. Moreover, our partnership model means we can offer high-quality advice and service that minimises conveyancing due diligence anxiety via the outsourcing of key compliance processes.


Enquire Now

Want to learn more our due diligence services? Contact us to receive a prompt response from a member of our dedicated team.

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